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Eric Bakke - Technical Supervisor

""Technical Insurance" for your TV Production"

Eric Bakke has been in Television Production for over 30 years. He has Been a cameraman and DP for television productions for as long and in the last 10 years has proved himself as one of the top Technical Supervisors for many types of television productions.
He specializes in Reality TV, Hidden Camera, Specialty Camera Systems and Stereographic 3D productions.
Eric has worked on more Hidden Camera shows than almost anyone in production today. Starting in the early 1980's with undercover shows through years with Candid Camera and Totally Hidden Video, to nine seasons with Punk'd and countless Network Hidden Camera Commercials.
For over 20 years Eric has been working with the top ENG 3D production companies as Tech but mostly 3D DP. Providing fast 3D production while maximizing the 3D effects for each production.

One of the key points to Eric's abilities is to work within the budgets allowed providing the best and fastest way of making a show work technically...whether choosing the right cameras and formats, making sure Post has all cameras and recorded information in sync, to matching with audio to make sure all the systems are working together flawlessly.

And, if something were to go wrong during production?
Well, Eric is one of the best and fastest techs in troubleshooting systems and getting the show back running or never letting the production slow down while fixes are being made.

You can check out Eric Bakke on imdb, but that only shows a minor listing of the thousands of productions he has been on over the years from Olympic broadcasts with specialty camera, to Reality House builds (over 80 Reality houses built), simple documentaries to over 20 cameras sync'd for hidden camera productions.

Since Eric has a DP background, he goes on tech/camera scouts and can choose the best camera positions on multi-camera shoots, makes sure the lighting is appropriate or can make the lighting happen, diagrams very detailed camera plots, works closely with the rental houses and acquires the best discounts for production rentals and keeps the L&D down to almost nothing even on big shoots.