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Aluminun Cool Jib

US$ $500.00
Ref: CJAL6

Carbon Fiber Cool Jib

US$ $750.00

Ref: CJCF6

Pole Support

US$ $50.00



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Cool Jib

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Cool Jib is the simplest hand held jib arm around! Any small still or video camera easily moves in ways you have never imagined.

Instantly you can have your camera shooting above crowds...then SWISH! you flip down for a quick ground level shot.

By holding the jib just under the camera, you have a steady eye-level shot, by raising the jib you have over the head shots. By flipping the jib down you have low "doggie" shots. And by combining the moves you have VERY COOL swishing jib moves just like the big jibs.

And since this is a light weight hand held unit, you can quickly move anywhere for fast setups.

The unit is adjustable and portable so you can easily take it apart for transporting in a small 2' bag. And by adding extensions, you can have a 4', 6' or 8' jib.

Cool Jib comes in either Aluminum or Carbon Fiber. Both units are durable and light weight. The Aluminum system is durable and slightly sturdier at $500 and for $750, the Carbon Fiber gives you that extra cool look at a slightly lower weight.

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Cool Jib Specs

Cool Jib Specs