The Coolest Camera Accessories




Custom Designs

Cool Contraptions has been making custom Film and TV accessories for over 25 years. Either one off's for a job or multiple items for production, we have been able to provide what the customer needs for the budget.

We have available to us experts in many fields to make sure the project is done right. From software development to motor control systems...wired, wireless from camera support to lighting accessories give us a try and we can help you get the custom design finished.

Some of the projects we have already done:

Iris Motor Driver for Cine Lenses on a Video Camera using the Paint Box Iris Control.

Similar Focus, Iris and Zoom controls from an RC controller for Helicopter with on board Camera.

Custom wireless control for 3D video camera for Focus Motor, Iris and Zoom Signal Drive.

Remote Run/Stop control for Film Cameras with Failsafe and no false triggering.

Several Mile Proximity Detector System for "Cat and Mouse" TV Show.

Hand mounted laser-tag with video/audio confidence device for same TV Show.

LANC controllers for just Record/Stop to full Zoom/Focus units for skydivers to cameramen.

100's of custom mini-camera hides for hidden camera productions.

Many more items, too numerous to list.